• Regenuary, the alternative to Veganuary

    The lesser known and newer alternative eating plan is Regenuary. Founded by The Ethical Butcher, Regenuary is promoted as the alternative to Veganuary and promotes eating meat from sustainable sources. The general idea is to ask consumers to source their food more responsibly, and if possible, locally. The movement is backed by farmers who want to see meat consumption as part of a sustainable future.
  • Easy swaps for sustainable living

    There are some really easy places to start a sustainable life journey. I would always recommend starting small, making a few simple swaps of everyday products, things that need replacing anyway. Changing to plastic free certainly does not mean you should run through your house throwing all the plastic out the windows. And definitely don’t compare your journey to anyone else. We can all do our bit but that may look very different to someone else...
  • Switching to a Natural Deodrant

    Switching to a natural deodorant when starting out on a sustainable life journey is one of the easiest and truly beneficial things to do. Indeed it was the very thing that really prompted me to look at my beauty products and make changes. They generally don’t cost anymore and are just as effective as any chemical filled products.
    Here are a few things to know and bear in mind….
  • Using a Solid Shampoo or Conditioner Bar

    Changing from conventional, commercial hair care to natural products can sometimes mean going through a ‘transition period’... here are some tips...
  • Switching to a Safety Razor

    There’s no doubt about it, swapping to a safety razor can be daunting, but it honestly takes only a small adjustment and we think you’ll never go back to a disposable razor again. Here are some tips...