Switching to a Natural Deodrant

Switching to a natural deodorant when starting out on a sustainable life journey is one of the easiest and truly beneficial things to do. Indeed it was the very thing that really prompted me to look at my beauty products and make changes. They generally don’t cost anymore and are just as effective as any chemical filled products.
Here are a few things to know and bear in mind….
Organic natural deodorants don’t contain aluminium or parabens.
Aluminium based antiperspirants have been linked to cancer and recent studies show that aluminium found in antiperspirants can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s later in life by up to 60%.
By shaving under your arms, you could be increasing the risk of absorption of aluminium salts through small nicks and cuts.
Yellow Stains
We all know the scenario, you’re getting ready to go out only to find that your favourite top has yellow stains under the arms.
This is caused by the combination of aluminium and sweat, which can turn your fabric yellow after prolonged use.
But by using a natural deodorant that doesn’t contain these chemicals you need not worry about these stain, you can apply as much deodorant as you like, as any leftover residue will simply wash out of clothes.
The Burn…
Know that burning irritation when you apply deodorant under your arms? That’s the sweat build-up underneath the skin mixing with the chemicals in conventional deodorant.  In fact it’s actually good for our bodies to sweat, as sweat is one of the body's natural ways of releasing toxins and adjusting body temperature
You’ll Actually Sweat Less
Conventional deodorants actually clog your pores and cause you to sweat more, rather than prevent you from sweating. That’s because they include harsh and synthetic chemicals which are bad for the skin. These chemicals block the pores and can cause bad bacteria to build up which can get quite smelly. Instead natural deodorants do not blocking your pores, but allow the good bacteria to thrive under your arms.
But don’t think that will make you smell because natural deodorants have active ingredients such as baking soda and arrowroot powder, which absorb odors.
A few people find that during a short transition to natural deodorant they may have to reapply during the day, as toxins that have built up under their arms will come out of the pores, which are now unblocked for the first time. During this time, you may find you have a stronger odor than usual, but that will go away in a few days or a week.

Help Save The Planet
Zero-waste natural deodorants are often packaged in a jar, tin or tube, all can be easily reused or recycled.
Pressurised cans are non-recyclable, with both tin-based and plastic-based packaging causing pollution in our environment when they’re sent to landfill.
Most contain mineral oil, meaning they emit carbon and harmful pollutants which damage our surroundings, whilst spray bottles contain volatile organic compounds.
Also many conventional deodorants contain triclosan, an antifungal agent that can harm our waterways and have a knock-on effect to aquatic wildlife.

Natural deodorants are produced without synthetic chemicals, so they are not tested on animals and are therefore cruelty-free.
Large cosmetics companies have come a long way in recent years with many promising to ban or phase out animal testing, but you’d be surprised at how many still use animals when creating products or changing formulas.