Switching to a Safety Razor

There’s no doubt about it, swapping to a safety razor can be daunting, but it honestly takes only a small adjustment and we think you’ll never go back to a disposable razor again.

Reusable safety razors are eco-friendly and sustainable, they give a closer shave, with less irritation and no pain, and have been shown to reduce ingrown hairs and are better for your skin.


Tips for using a safety razor

  • Lather the area you wish to shave with your chosen product
  • The best angle to use the razor is 30-35 degrees, this ensures that you don’t cut yourself whilst giving you the closest shave
  • Use the weight of the razor as your guide, it needs very little pressure, use short strokes, rinsing often
  • It is best not to keep the razor in the shower or leave wet as this can cause rust to develop

It can be a good idea to start with the large areas like legs and get used to a new razor before moving onto trickier, more sensitive areas


Changing the blade on a reusable safety razor

  • Hold the razor top between thumb and forefinger on the short sides, unscrew the handle
  • The top of the razor will open into two halves with a bar in the middle
  • Take the new blade from its packaging, being very careful to hold it flat, not near sharp edges
  • Put the blade on the razor,  line it up with the bar in the middle and place other halve of razor back on top of blade
  • Twist the handle back on, make sure it is tight so the blade it squeezed between two halves, so it cannot come loose during your shave