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Oceansaver was created from a deep love of the ocean and concern over single use plastic. The Ocean is precious and OceanSaver want it to stay that way for future generations, but plastic is destroying it fast and polluting our planet.

Homecare generates more than 29 billion plastic containers each year. At OceanSaver, they have taken a stand and created a solution. Their plant-based, non-toxic EcoDrops transform in water, creating a safe and powerful product to clean your home spotlessly, while you play your part in something vital. Small change. Big impact.

OceanSaver are on a mission to create a behaviour change. They are dedicated to cleaning up the cleaning aisle and need you to play your part in this too. By using OceanSaver EcoDrops, you commit to removing single-use plastic from your cleaning routine and saving our oceans for future generations.

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