My own sustainable living journey started in 2017, when a friend gave me a natural deodorant with a note that read ‘this will change your life’. And it did!

I used it and was surprised that it actually worked as well as my regular deodorant. So, I wondered why did I need a deodorant with 30 ingredients, most of which I couldn’t even pronounce? Shortly after I had my first child and I was so careful not to put any chemicals near him, so why wasn’t I affording myself the same care?

Children, especially babies need so much ‘stuff’ and I was filling our house daily with the latest must have’s, all conveniently delivered the next day in copious packaging with little plastic pillows. Around the same time my husband and I were eagerly awaiting the new Sir David Attenborough 'Blue Planet' series, and like millions of other viewers I was shocked by the final segment regarding plastic pollution in our oceans. It was like a call to action for me and I started looking at ways I could further reduce our family waste.

 “By 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish”
Ellen McArthur Foundation

This is a philosophy that increasingly resonates with many of us, but can be overwhelming when we consider how, as an individual we can make tangible impacts. I want to support those eager to make a personal impact and encourage those who are still on the fence, that even small-step changes do make a difference, and are important.

With a second little one now running around it feels like the perfect time to get back to work and rather than go back to my previous role, it seemed fitting to try to help others on their sustainable journey. The idea of Gathering Green was formed to help people who like the idea of a plastic waste free life but who may find it daunting to start, too expensive or challenging. I offer support through 121 coaching sessions, bringing together the knowledge I have gained to help people achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Collectively, as individuals, we can all take small manageable steps to see real change in the world and make the positive changes needed for future generations.

Please see the 'Sustainable Life Coaching' page for help

We are lucky to stock so many amazing small UK based businesses which I am eager to support and showcase, by shopping with us it shows that this mission is embraced and believed in by other like-minded people; those who care about our environment, who want to shop with a conscience, buy quality products and support small brands and businesses with purpose. Each sale large or small adds up and we can make changes to safeguard our planet by using products that are paraben, BPA, plastic, and waste free. Gathering Green is more than just a shop, it is about creating a community of like-minded independents who collectively can make a positive change for the future. 

We must act ethically and I am committed to the well-being of our planet and improving our society environmentally and ecologically.

Jo  x